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Social Storming with Field Team 6: Pro-Democracy, Pro-Voting Messaging for Democrats!

Let’s activate democratic messaging! Field Team 6 leverages the power of social media to create storms of positive, pro-democracy messages with a strong call for action.  Our Motto:  Register Democrats, Save the World!

You can help put out positive messaging encouraging other activists to get involved in voter registration events so we can grow our Democratic voter majority and get everyone out to vote.  Nowadays, the media doesn’t seem interested in covering good news, so it’s on us, the grassroots volunteers, to push positive messages about the accomplishments of the Biden Agenda, such as the historic investments in sustainable energy in the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS ACT– creating a better economy for all, and a greener future for our planet, as well as the work we have to do to regain Reproductive Rights, Gun Control, and LGBTQ+ rights, and more!    

And you can do it all from the comfort of your social media accounts!   

Join us; we’d love to meet you!

Start Storming HERE using our ready-to-go graphics and messages!

Want to join the Team?  Need help to get started with Field Team 6 Social Storming?

Meet us every Wednesday at 11am PT, and 3pm PT  for one of the zoom trainings below:


• Basic TWITTER:  2 Wednesdays a month 11a-12n PT/2-3p ET – RSVP 

• Basic INSTAGRAM:  2 Wednesdays a month, 11a-12n PT/2-3p ET – RSVP

• Advanced TWITTER:  2 Wednesdays a month 3-4p PT/6-7p ET – RSVP

• Advanced INSTAGRAM: 2 Wednesdays a month 3-4p PT/6-7p ET – RSVP

• Basic THREADS Skills:  Thursdays 11a-12n PT/6-7p ET – RSVP


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