Why are the events in a list?

Except for the Calendar page, we show events as a list by default. However, a drop-down menu on the upper right will change to other views like month, photo, etc. Click on an event to go to the event page with more information.

How do I sign up for events?

SoCal Blue is a "pass-through" site. Each event page contains a link to the organizer's event website where you can sign up or get more information. We are not hosting the events and do not handle registration.

How do I know what type of event it is?

Events are tagged by whether they are in-person or from home. The calendar lists events by Congressional district and organizer. To find events that can be done whenever it is convenient for the volunteer, click the "Anytime" button. Events can also be filtered by the type of activity, i.e., phonebank, canvass, etc.

What is an Anytime Event?

Anytime Events are ones that volunteers can do at a time that is best for them. They usually involving making phone calls, sending texts, or writing postcards, but can be other types like social media posting and meetings. Some anytime actions are truly available 24/7. Others are available at multiple times during the week.

What is GOTV?

GOTV describes efforts aimed at increasing the voter turnout in elections.  Since voting in the USA is voluntary, voter turnout can be low. It can refer to voter registration efforts, but more often refers to the efforts at the time of elections to get voters to mail in their ballots or show up at a polling place.


What would I do at a phonebank (or canvass, textbank, voter registration)?

At a Phonebank, volunteers call voters for a range of reasons from identifying potential supporters and registering voters to GOTV and advocacy. Phonebanks mostly use software to keep personal numbers private. Most events provide training for the beginners. Phonebanking is one of the most effective ways to reach voters.

At a Canvass, volunteers contact voters in person by knocking on their door. The purpose is similar to phonebanking in that it could be to identify potential supporters, register voters, GOTV, and similar. Studies show this is the most effective method the reach voters.

At Voter Registration events, volunteers contact potential voters and get them registered to vote. If a person is already registered to vote, the volunteer will encourage them to register to vote by mail.  In addition, volunteers contact current voters to make sure they have not been removed from the voter rolls and that their state has the correct information for them.

Textbanking involves sending texts to individuals through software that keeps numbers private. The reason for the textbank is similar to the above events, varying from GOTV and persuasion to identifying potential voters and issue research.

At a Postcards/Letters event, volunteers prepare, write, and/or send out these types of documents to voters from a list provided by the organizer. The purpose is similar to the above events.

How do I submit an event?

Anyone can submit an event by clicking the Submit Your Event link on the main page. Please read the guidelines. In addition, be sure to include your name and email in the appropriate field so we can contact you with questions, if necessary.

How can I contact you?

Email us at We can also be found on Twitter (X), Instagram, and Facebook.

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