Event Types

Voter Registration

Volunteers contact potential voters with the goal to register everyone who is eligible to vote, or to encourage already registered voters to register to vote by mail.  They also contact current voters to make sure they have not been removed from the voter rolls and that their state has the correct information for them.


Volunteers contact voters in person by knocking on their door. The purpose could include to identify potential supporters, register voters, or GOTV (get out the vote). Studies show this remains the most effective tool for political campaigns. Because of  COVID-19, all canvassing has been suspended. When it resumes, we will start listing canvassing events again.

Phone Bank

Phonebanking is one of the most effective ways to reach voters. Volunteers call voters for a range of reasons including to identify potential supporters, register voters, or GOTV (get out the vote). Phonebanks mostly use software to keep volunteers’ personal numbers private, and usually begin with a training.

Text Bank

Textbanking involves sending texts to individuals, usually through software that keeps the volunteer’s number private. The reason for the textbank can vary from GOTV (get out the vote) and persuasion to identifying potential voters and issue research.


Volunteers write postcards or letters to voters from a list provided by the organizer. The purpose can include encouraging GOTV (get out the vote), asking voters to check their registration, or persuading voters to select a certain candidate.


The purpose is to raise money for Democratic organizations and candidates.


These events include meetings of local groups, like Democratic Clubs, Indivisible chapters, and similar.


These events will have training available for new volunteers. Some events are exclusively  trainings, while others include training along with an event like a phonebank.

Anytime Actions

Any of the above event types when the volunteer can set her own hours. Some anytime actions are truly available 24/7; others are available at multiple times during the week.