(SoCal Blue exclusive by Sadie Rochman, Grassroots Dem HQ Fellow)

23 High Schoolers

“I just got a voter to promise they would cast their vote for Ammar!”, an enthusiastic teen phone banker exclaimed!

July 11th marked the beginning of a series of young Democrat phone banks planned, organized, and led by myself and several other fellows of the Grassroots Democrats HQ. A group of 23 high schoolers passionate about making a difference packed the home of Tamara Levenson, Executive Director of the Grassroots Democrats HQ, ready and eager to call voters on behalf of CA-50’s Ammar Campa-Najjar.

Mission to Flip

I remember the first time I phone banked for the Midterm elections. From her first words, Tamara hooked me with the mission of flipping swing congressional districts to secure a Democratic majority over the House and ultimately achieve full Democratic power. Seven out of the nine districts that volunteers phone banked into on behalf of the HQ successfully flipped Democratic. I felt empowered by the difference that I was making and I wanted to spread this feeling to other young people like me. This is now the mission behind our Grassroots HQ Young Dems phone banks.

Friendly Competition

The Young Dems phone bank was bursting with friendly competition. “How many emails did you collect for volunteering? I got seven!”, “Well you didn’t get Duncan Hunter Sr. to tell you he would cast his vote for Ammar Campa-Najjar, did you?” The phone bank was fueled by the power of youthful hopefulness.

Young people are bringing a fresh energy to conversations, one that voters are curious to listen to. Our hope is to bring excitement back into voting and change the common outlook that one vote cannot make a difference. We have the power to inspire voters again and increase voter turnout rates. The Grassroots Democrats HQ will continue to hold bi-monthly Young Democrat Phone Banks and look forward to hosting Young Democrat Voter Registration events as well.

Please visit grassrootsdems.org if you are interested in attending one of these events or getting more involved!