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SoCal Blue tracks and lists electoral events all across SoCal — from Swing Left chapters, Indivisibles and other grassroots organizations to our many Democratic Clubs. We include:

  • Voter engagement events such as: voter registration, canvassing, phone/text banking, letter/postcard writing
  • Legislative education and voter advocacy events


  1. Be sure it falls into one of the above categories
  2. Verify your event is not already on the calendar
  3. Click the “Submit Your Event” button to the left
  4. Fill out the appropriate fields (note required fields below)


  • Title (use specifics please, e.g., not just “voter registration” but “Voter Registration with Katie Hill and Sea Change (Antelope Valley)”)
  • Event description (wax eloquent about the experience. If you need an RSVP link, include it.)
  • Date and time
  • Event venue and organizer (you can see a list of previous organizers and venues – please only add new ones if you cannot find yours on the list). NOTE: IF YOU ADD A NEW VENUE, IT MUST HAVE A ZIP CODE. IF THE VENUE IS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP PRIVATE UNTIL SOMEONE RSVPs, ENTER JUST THE ZIP WITHOUT THE ADDRESS, AND BE SURE TO PROVIDE AN RSVP LINK IN THE EVENT DESCRIPTION.
  • Your name and email in the “Additional Fields” at the bottom of the form


  • All other fields are optional. We highly suggest you provide a URL for your event (i.e., Facebook, Action Network, etc.).
  • Ignore the tag field, we don't use them.
  • You may upload an event image if the file size is less than 50k. We will supply an appropriate image if you do not have one or if an uploaded image is too large for us to accommodate.
  • Once your event is published, you can no longer edit it. If you need to make changes, send an email to [email protected] (or to anyone at SoCal Blue you’ve previously contacted.)
  • RE RECURRING EVENTS: It’s tricky to enter recurring events–ie, events that are exactly the same (including time) on different dates. It’s best to enter just the first event, then send an email to [email protected] with the dates/schedule of the repeats.