This year Fourth of July feels like celebrating a loved one’s birthday while they’re being tortured.

But in these dark times, I’ve also never felt more patriotic. I changed my life so I could fight the Trump/GOP nightmare. And so did so many of you! Because this is OUR country. This country belongs to us – THE MAJORITY. And no one’s moving to Canada. So yes, we will win this fight because in democracies, majorities win eventually, despite the Electoral College. Led by women, people of color and young people, a massive coalition of the good-hearted are swelling the ranks of voters every day and making our victory inevitable… But that’s not the only reason we’ll win.

The greatest reason our side will win this fight is that we are the only side that loves the other side.

We don’t fight for health care for Democrats only – we fight for Republican grandmothers and grandfathers to be taken care of. We don’t fight for affordable college just for Democrats – we fight for Republican kids too. We’re the only party fighting for the rights of Republican women. And for the civil rights, immigrant rights, and gay rights of Republicans – even as their own party attacks those rights every day.

So here’s to the powerful beauty of what we fight for. And here’s to all of you patriots! Happy Fourth of July!