(SoCal Blue exclusive by Sadie Rochman, Grassroots Dem HQ Fellow)

Gathering for GDHQ

Gathering at the William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, diligent advocates, passionate organizers, and inspiring elected officials, celebrated the return of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives in 2018. On the sunny afternoon of July 21st, 2019 the 250 Democratic supporters gathered to raise funds for the Grassroots Democrats Headquarters which will be opening a physical location in Los Angeles and housing the efforts of campaign volunteers aiming to elect Democrats in 2020.

Bustling Blue Wave

The gallery was a bustling blue wave of energy comprised of new and familiar faces. Appreciation and passion for the HQ radiated through the crowd while the attendees anxiously awaited to hear from Reps. Harley Rouda, Ted Lieu, and Katie Hill, as well as CA 50 candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar. The officials spoke about the fragile state of our democracy, and asserted that we must not only continue to seek justice, but also become more proactive in our efforts.

Words from Congress

As Rep. Katie Hill reminded our donors, “Our democracy is in jeopardy, and Democrats are united by our values.” Hill reminded us that we, Democrats, need to remember that we are a collective group fighting the same fight and therefore we must support each other. Change will not happen if our party remains disconnected and divided. Rep. Harley Rouda reiterated Hill’s message by reminding the audience, “We got a seat at the table, and we’re not going to waste it. I want to make sure we’re not only keeping our seats but flipping all of CA.  We cannot simply protect our 2018 House victory, we need to aim for full Democratic power.” Booming claps and sounds of affirmation echoed in the room.

Inspiration and Reinvigoration

Attendees of the fundraiser left with a heightened spirit of hope and a reinvigorated drive to continue their work: phone banking, canvassing, letter writing, registering voters, and pursuing Democratic power. I too was inspired by the enthusiasm and fervor of the elected officials and candidates. Their commitment to the future was contagious. It was also extremely special to have the opportunity to talk to Ammar Campa-Najjar after hosting the first Grassroots HQ Young Democrats Phone Bank, during which we called voters in CA-50 to remind them that in 2020 they can decide not to allow a lawbreaker to be their lawmaker.  Campa-Najjar’s appreciation for our work, big or small, was moving.

Confidence in the Future

All in all, seeing the gallery filled with hundreds of united Democrats who have a fervent desire to improve the state of our country, confirmed my confidence in the future and fueled me to keep pushing. If you want to learn more about the Headquarters or attend an upcoming event visit https://grassrootsdems.org/.