Shelly Simonds, Sister District-supported candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates for the 94th District (Newport News)

Prizes and the silent auction

Fundraiser attendees playing a political trivia game

Sister District South Bay LA Fundraiser for Shelly Simonds

With the goal of flipping the state legislature in Virginia, Sister District South Bay LA held a fundraiser for House of Delegates candidate, Shelly Simonds. She is vying to win the seat for the 94th District (Newport News).

She previously ran for the same seat in 2017. Her race became well-known when she tied against her Republican opponent but lost when her opponents’ name was pulled out of a bowl.

Flip State Legislatures To End Partisan Gerrymandering

Sister District Project partners groups in safely blue districts with swing state district candidates in purple states. Sister District’s goal is to end partisan gerrymandering by flipping state legislatures.

Currently, state legislatures draw congressional districts in 31 states and state legislative districts in 30. As a result, politicians in these states can pick their voters rather than the voters picking them.

The money and support Sister District groups give state legislature candidates goes a lot farther compared to more prominent races. States legislature races are often won with a fraction of the money seen in high profile races.

Sister District groups raised more than $350,000 in small-dollar cash donations directly for candidates in 2017. They also helped with another $350,000 in partnership with allied organizations. They made over 81,000 phone calls, wrote 40,000 postcards, knocked on 30,000 doors, and sent 185,000 text messages.

Sister District Goals for 2019

In 2019, Sister District wants to flip the Virginia House of Delegates. This is the last election in Virginia before re-districting. They also hope to gain inroads in the red states of Louisiana and Mississippi, where Republicans often go unchallenged. Lastly, they support special elections. They helped Pam Iovino win a seat in Pennsylvania that Republicans had held for decades.

Besides the South Bay LA group, there are Sister District groups in Santa Monica, the LA Eastside, Riverside, and the San Fernando Valley. We list Sister District events on our calendar under the Other States category. Join an event today!