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Simon Rosenberg presents

October 24, 2023 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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Simon Rosenberg presents: A hope-based outlook for the 2024 elections

California Indivisibles are excited to announce that Simon Rosenberg will be our very special guest speaker to help energize and motivate us as we launch the 2024 voter outreach cycle, with a focus on the CA House races!

PLEASE RSVP HERE: https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/583003/

After working for three decades as an operative in the upper reaches of the Democratic Party, Simon Rosenberg in 2022 became an overnight sensation as the most visible public skeptic of the GOP-surge scenario. Early this year, he founded Hopium Chronicles as a community of activists and organizers, guided by hope and optimism. Hopium is a rejection of the darkness that Greater MAGA is trying to spread. It is the key to how we win. One can subscribe to his Substack at https://simonwdc.substack.com/.

In this presentation, Simon will cover 1) more effectively telling our story, 2) winning the big economic argument with the right, 3) finding new ways to get louder and counter the right’s information superiority and 4) exploring strategies for expanding our coalition, especially young voters, to get to 55% in national elections.

He will also give provide some specific insights re California including: 1) factors that contributed to California’s midterm struggles in Congressional races in 2022, 2) how we can best tailor messaging for the California electorate, and 3) how to use our early primary date to our advantage in our competitive House races.

There will be plenty of time reserved for questions from the audience!

We look forward to an invigorating and insightful discussion.

This is a great virtual event that you can do from the comfort of home.

San Rafael, CA 94903 United States

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