A non-profit group, Coalition for Good Governance, has discovered that 127,000 Georgia voters did not record a vote for lieutenant governor in the November 2018 election. A disproportionate number of these 127,000 voters were Democratic and voted in precincts with high numbers of registered African American voters. And they all voted by machine.Georgia is one of only five states exclusively using voting machines that leave no paper trail and cannot be audited. They are loaded with software controlled by the secretary of state’s office.

In 2017, the Coalition for Good Governance found security flaws in Georgia’s election servers and filed a lawsuit against secretary of state Brian Kemp to discover if the security flaws had resulted in vote tampering. Before the suit concluded, the state election server, and then the backup server, were wiped clean. Kemp, and now current secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, have refused to allow professionals to conduct forensic examinations of the machines.

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