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Write Wisconsin Voters to Vote-By-Mail OR Write Pennsylvania Voters About the Infrastructure Act

Activate America (formerly Flip the West) is running postcard campaigns to voters in two states targeted for the midterm elections:

We are partnering with in-state activists in Wisconsin to help likely Democratic voters sign up to vote-by-mail. As you know, limiting or excluding voting-by-mail is a favorite Republican voter-suppression strategy, so it is great to have this opportunity to strike back.

We are also writing to likely Democrats in Pennsylvania to let them know Democrats delivered on their promises with the Infrastructure and Jobs Act. We need to get this message out. Many voters do not pay attention to their elected officials’ voting records.


Please send cards as you complete them in the next 2-3 weeks.

CLICK ON “Complete Your Registration Here” AND LET US KNOW HOW MANY POSTCARDS YOU WANT TO WRITE, AND FOR WHICH CAMPAIGN. (It takes a few seconds to appear.)

  • After you sign up, you will get a confirmation email from Activate America. Then look for your script, instructions, and voter addresses in your e-mail inbox or Spam folder within the next 48 hours. They are not sent automatically at the time you sign up. Your list will be delivered from an email address [name]
  • The choice of how many postcards to write is yours – we only ask that you request a minimum of 25You supply your own postcards and stamps.
  • Click here, for info on buying postcards and stamps.
  • Again, it may take up to 48 hours to receive your addresses and script. Please check your Spam folder for an email address [name] before reaching out to us.

Thank you!

For more information, contact Ellen at [email protected]