Westside Democrats Write Postcard from Home

Write Postcards from Home with Westside Dems HQ!

Join us in writing postcards from home with Activate America to make a difference in critical races nationwide.  SIGN UP HERE bit.ly/3QIRW7T


NY-03 Special Election

Corrupt MAGA Republican Congressman George Santos was expelled from Congress and is facing criminal charges. A special election to fill his seat has been called for February 13, 2024. While the district did go strongly for Biden in 2020, Santos and local Republican elected officials had a strong showing in 2022, and election experts rate it as a tossup. Our hard work can make a difference here, and if we flip this seat in February, it will likely stay blue in November. The Democrat running for the seat is Tom Suozzi, who held the seat for six years before leaving to become governor. We are writing to Democratic voters to be sure they know about this “pop-up” election and to boost name recognition for our highly qualified candidate.


Let’s get out the vote for the March primary in CA! Write postcards to infrequent Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters in 3 key and flippable Congressional Districts: CA 22, 27, and 41. People who vote in the primary are much more likely to vote in November, and support for Democrats in the primary also strengthens candidates for November. Mail postcards between Feb. 1 and Feb. 21; start writing now and hold them to mail until Feb. 1.


Reach out to CA voters to FLIP Congressional seats to take back Congress in November 2024. Call out MAGAs on their positions on Reproductive Rights/Abortion, including David Valadao (CA-22), Mike Garcia (CA-27), and Ken Calvert (CA-41).

NEVADA – Re-Elect Senator Jacky Rosen!

We are writing to Democratic-leaning independent voters under 50 to make sure they know that Senator Rosen has brought well-paying jobs and a clean tech industry to Nevada. Reaching out early to these voters, who often are not contacted by other campaigns, will help us hold the Senate and get them to the polls to support Democrats up and down the ticket.

ARIZONA – Ruben Gallego for U.S. Senate  

Gallego is a champion for reasonable gun safety, has helped lower the costs of prescriptions, and will continue to fight for better health care in the US Senate.  He is the only Democrat running for the AZ Senate seat currently held by Kyrsten Sinema. We are writing to infrequent Democratic voters to raise awareness for Gallego and highlight his work on these crucial issues.

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