Postcards to Voters

Write Postcards for Reproductive Rights in OHIO with Postcards to Voters

You Made Postcarding History in Ohio

Thanks to your collective efforts, we reached an astonishing 313,000 voters in Ohio last month, effectively opposing the GOP’s attempt to make constitutional amendments a tougher battle.  But our mission isn’t over yet.  In November, we have the monumental opportunity to solidify reproductive choice as an unassailable right in the Buckeye State.

With early voting just around the corner, we’ve acquired our first batch of targeted voters who need that crucial reminder.  Remember, every vote counts, and every postcard could be the catalyst that prompts a voter to make their voice heard.  While our previous effort was commendable, we’re aiming to rally even more volunteers this round.  Whether you can pen fifty postcards or just five, each one is a step closer to a decisive win.

If you’ve spent even a minute reading this, take a moment more to reflect: can you dedicate 15 minutes and the backs of five postcards to change history?

Activists have worked tirelessly to push for initiatives that uphold our rights.  It’s our turn now to ensure that when the moment arrives, we have an unbeatable grassroots army ready to secure that win.  Join the current Ohio Amendment campaign by requesting your first (or next) five addresses.

Step by Step Instructions HERE

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