Red2Blue Text Banking

Textbanking for Democratic Candidates with Red2Blue

Do you have a hard time talking on the phone? Have only small windows of time but still want to make a difference? Texting voters might be for you! No experience or tech savvy necessary—we promise. Once you sign up for a particular opportunity to volunteer to text out the vote, we will teach you everything you need to know.

We use a very simple online texting program (our preferred platform is ThruText) right from your computer’s web browser with a centralized phone number—not your cell number. So, even if you have only 30 minutes during your commute, before bedtime, or while waiting for take-out, you can make a huge difference by volunteering to text for Democrats across the country.

You can see a demonstration of the texting platform (ThruText) we use here. If you love texting voters with us and want to do more, there are opportunities to write candidate materials, train new texters, moderate texting sessions, and for our truly dedicated volunteers, work with candidates to oversee and manage their text campaign.

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