Write postcards to Protect Abortion Rights in Ohio

Protect Abortion Rights in Ohio: Postcards to Voters

This November, Ohio voters will be heading to the polls to vote on an amendment that would protect abortion rights in Ohio by enshrining abortion protections in their constitution. We know a majority of Ohioans support protecting abortion rights with an amendment. We can help them get the info they need to make their voices heard!

PLEASE SIGN UP HERE: https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/577244/

In Ohio, voters who wish to vote by mail must request an absentee ballot for each election. Sign up for postcard lists today to ensure Democratic voters are able to request their absentee ballot applications ahead of the November election. This is how we can help protect abortion rights in Ohio.

Please complete and mail postcards as soon as possible and by October 1 at the latest.

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