Send Postcards to Voters Re-elect Jacky Rosen in NV

Postcards for Nevada – Re-Elect Senator Jacky Rosen and Democrats in Congress

We’re not gambling with our chances when it comes to re-electing Nevada Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen and Democratic members of Congress Horsford, Lee and Titus. For Senator Rosen, our postcard script focuses on her support of affordable child and elder care. For the members of Congress, we are highlighting the importance of unions and building affordable housing. Each of these campaigns is writing infrequent voters to help them learn more about their elected officials and their accomplishments.

We especially like working in Nevada, because it’s a “triple impact state;” turning out Democrats for Rosen and competitive House races can also help President Biden.

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Please mail postcards as you complete them and within 3 weeks of receiving your materials.

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