Textbanking Bring your own phone BYOP

BYOP Texting for Democracy with Field Team 6

BYOP is Field Team 6’s free textbanking option! You will need to set up a couple things on your own computer and attend a Boot Camp training session. After that, you will be able to send texts anytime between 9am-9pm in the time zone you’re texting.

We might have cracked the nut on how to do free texting! Instead of raising money to pay for expensive, easy to use texting software, we’re making texting available using slightly awkward, but still pretty easy technology. We’re calling it BYOP or Bring Your Own Phone. And it’s a GREAT new way to register new Dems in swing states and districts to hold the White House and Senate and flip the House in 2024 as well as win governorships and state legislatures in 2023!

SIGNUP HERE at fieldteam6.org/byop-textbanks

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