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Write Postcards to Voters in California’s Top Swing Districts (in English or Spanish)

For weeks now, dedicated Activate America volunteers have been writing postcards to voters in California’s top seven swing House districts, making sure they know who supported the American Rescue Plan’s measures to cut childhood poverty in half. (Spoiler alert: the three Democrats all voted for it and the four Republicans all voted against it).


That program is highly successful but there’s still one large voter universe we haven’t touched yet: probable Spanish speakers. There are a lot of Spanish speakers in these districts, and the postcards will be more impactful if they’re in the primary language of the recipients.


Are you comfortable enough with Spanish to copy our Spanish text onto a postcard?

Sign up to volunteer HERE, and we’ll get you started.


Latinos are still a central part of the Democratic coalition, but we know that Trump made gains within the community in 2020. By any objective measure, Democrats have delivered more for Latinos (and every American) in the past six months than Republicans did in the previous four, but it’s up to us to take that message directly to voters. 


Almost every family with children under 18 benefits from the expanded child tax, and it was a policy that almost every Democrat voted for and every Republican voted against. Voters need to know that.


Help us spread the word by volunteering to write postcards to Spanish speakers in California’s seven most competitive House districts. All of these districts flipped red-to-blue in 2018, but four flipped back in 2020. They are among our top priorities, and vital to keeping the House blue.