Swing Left Voter Protection

Voter Protection in Crucial Swing States with Swing Left Greater Boston’s Voter Protection Initiative

Republicans are trying to suppress the vote. We won’t let them. Join the voter protection team to ensure that every eligible citizen gets to cast their ballot fairly and safely.

Voter protection volunteers work in four main areas: recruitment of poll workers, electoral outreach, staffing of voter assistance hotlines, and ballot curing.

For a Video Introduction to Voter Protection, more info and the sign up form, Click here:  https://swingleftboston.org/voter-protection/

Recruit Poll Workers / Poll Observers / Poll Watchers

There is a critical need for poll workers, observers, and watchers. Poll workers help keep enough polls open on Election Day, and poll observers and watchers ensure that voting processes and conditions are equitable. We need volunteers to make calls to recruit folks for these essential roles. Volunteer in WisconsinPennsylvania, North Carolina, or Florida.

Electoral Outreach

Electoral outreach volunteers survey election supervisors about procedures and potential equity issues regarding both mail-in and in-person voting. They then input this information into one central place to ensure that voter protection resources will be focused on the counties and municipalities most at risk of voter suppression. Volunteer in Wisconsin or Florida.

Voter Assistance Hotlines

Staffers on voter assistance hotlines answer callers’ questions and resolve issues related to voting. Volunteer in WisconsinPennsylvania, or Florida.

Ballot Curing

Mail-in ballots may be rejected on various grounds, including if a signature does not adequately match the one on a voter’s registration. If a ballot is rejected, voters have the opportunity to “cure” the grounds on which their ballot was rejected in order for their vote to be counted. In some states, ballot curing only occurs around Election Day; in others, curing  may begin weeks in advance. We will need volunteers to help voters whose ballots have been rejected to “cure” whatever the basis for the rejection was.

Other States with opportunities include:  Maine, Michigan, and Georgia.