Virtual Text Bank Training

Virtual Text Training | Hosted by Dems of Rossmoor Texters- Get Trained and then Text on Your Own Schedule! (now thru Aug 31)

Dems of Rossmoor Texters offer training to help Get Out the Vote for federal elections in key states by sending texts.  Texts can be done in as little as 30 minutes, any day 9a to 9p (local time where text is going). Training is via a remote one-hour session designed for individually paced, comfortable learning.  The texter uses their computer or tablet to send and process replies that are pre-written, so minimal typing is needed.  A website is used — not the texter’s cell phone number or app. 

TEXT OUT THE VOTE for national elections. It’s fun, convenient and important!  Share this with anyone 18 years or older in the US.