Postcards for Christy Smith

Virtual Postcard Party for Christy Smith & Kipp Mueller – CA-25 (now thru Oct 4)

We’re going to have a series of virtual postcard parties every Sunday from July 5th through October 4th, from 3-5 PM on ZOOM. Even if you’re not a regular postcard volunteer come by and say hi, open to all. Postcards and scripts in both Spanish and English are provided!
Email to [email protected] for instructions and to get the link to join!
Writing works!
It turns out that writing personal notes to voters really works. Surveys of election strategies show that voters loved receiving postcards. They talked about it positively with their family and friends, which spreads the excitement about voting.
Help us get to our goal of completely covering postage for 2020. If you can’t attend, please considering donating to help buy stamps:

Hosted by the Democratic Alliance for Action of Santa Clarita – DAA

More Info HERE