Open Progress Text Troop text banking

Join Open Progress Text Troop to Mobilize Voters for Progressive Candidates

The Open Progress Text Troop is a diverse community of committed volunteers from across the country who are engaging in candidate and issues-focused conversations with voters via person-to-person text messages. Here’s some of the work we do:

  • Ask citizens their opinions on specific issues such as abortion and vaccination

  • Advocate for specific progressive candidates and campaigns

  • Mobilize voters to turn out and march, call, and vote for progressive causes.

Our volunteers are trained by the best in order to create rich conversations with a better-informed electorate. Worried you don’t have time? Even just 2 hours a week will allow you reach thousands of people.

Texting does not use your cell phone or your personal phone number.
We text from our web browser based platform that is accessible by PC or Mobile.