Fight Voter Suppression in Wisconsin: Defeat Trump, Save Democracy, Feel the Love!

Fighting Voter Suppression is one of the key strategies to turn our country Blue and save our Democracy. Republicans are planning to spend $150 million dollars on voter suppression, challenging Vote by Mail and sowing confusion. We cannot let the Republicans steal another election!

Wisconsin is often referred to as the tipping point state, as goes Wisconsin, so goes the country. That means that Voter Protection work in Wisconsin is essential. Every vote is critical, every voter should be allowed to vote, and have their voice heard. Trump won in 2016 by less than 23,000 votes, a margin of less ¾ of 1%.

We will be making phone calls to committed Democrats who have previously volunteered to recruit people to volunteer to become Official Poll Workers, Poll Observers, Staff the Voter Protection Hotline, or become a Voter Protection Phone Banker. Most people we will call are grateful you called, here is a chance to feel the love! More people are willing to volunteer than with the usual phone bank!

For more information contact Steve Vogel: [email protected]