Census Phone Banks 2020

Census Outreach to Southern CA – Virtual Phone Banks – Hosted by CA Dems! (current-Sept 30)

Connect to the California Democratic Party’s virtual phone bank, and help persuade residents in the communities across Southern California to participate in the 2020 Census.

You can make these important calls while you shelter in place and help flatten the curve!

Just sign up for the day you would like to make calls, and we’ll immediately send you the phone bank link.

The link will take you to the phone bank, which includes the contact information for people we need to reach and the script for your calls.

The script will include both an English and Spanish version, plus a Census FAQ sheet. If you are bilingual English-Spanish, please know you are doubly needed for this effort! But you DON’T need to know Spanish to participate.

You will be joining hundreds of volunteers all over the state who will be making calls to Californians as we get closer to Census Day, April 1st.

As Democrats, we care deeply about Census participation and we want to make sure EVERY Californian is counted.

Information gathered from the Census determines how billions of federal dollars are spent on programs like Medicare, school lunches, housing assistance, veterans’ programs and roads. It also determines how many Congressional members we get to represent us.

This virtual phone bank is organized by the California Democratic Party’s 2020 Coordinated Campaign.

Thank you for pitching in! We hope you do this often and regularly in the weeks ahead.

Choose a neighborhood to call!

Colton (anytime until Sept 30)

Fontana and Rialto (anytime until Sept 30)

San Bernardino County SD23 (anytime until Sept 30)

Southern Orange County (anytime until August 14!)

Ventura & Port Hueneme (anytime until Sept 1)

Oxnard and El Rio (anytime until Sept 1)

Southern Orange County (anytime until Aug 14)