Newly Released Playbook

SoCal Blue recently released its Action Council Playbook, documenting the 2018 five swing-district sweep in Southern California, and pointing to best practices for future coalitions with similar electoral objectives. The Playbook, in the form of a downloadable Google Doc, is available under the Action Councils>Resources tab on the SoCal Blue site. The resource section also contains links to a brief video narrating the story of SoCal Blue and the Action councils, and a one-page “Action Councils At A Glance explanation of the model.

Continuing Resources

Of the five SoCal Action Councils (CA25, CA39, CA45, CA48, and CA49), CA25 and CA39 continue to meet, and infrastructure (social media accounts, newsletters, the SoCal blue calendar, etc.) built for the 2018 midterms remains in place and continues to be used.

Community Based

The Action Councils pioneered coalition building that was community based, rather than campaign based, and included partnerships among Dem Clubs, grass roots groups, unions, and PACs. The cooperation among stake-holding groups in the swing districts enabled deep canvassing to begin a year before the 2018 primaries, contributing to the electoral sweep.

New Phenomenon

The early-canvassing, community-based Action Council model represents a genuinely new electoral phenomenon. The playbook is part of an effort to make the model available to activists across the country in the 2020 electoral cycle. To this end, organizers from SoCal Blue and NorCal Blue traveled to the National Network Assembly conference in Iowa this past August and presented several workshops on Action Councils to organizers from across the country.

The Action Council Playbook is not copyrighted. Please feel free to distribute it along with any other SoCal Blue resource material to other interested organizers. Shortcut Playbook URL: