SoCal residents will find activities and events that will help Democrats and progressives win elections. Our calendar of event listings is the most comprehensive in the region.

We specifically only target swing districts and states where the outcome of the race is most in doubt. Volunteer efforts in these places will have the greatest impact. The specific Congressional districts we cover are CA08, CA21, CA22, CA23, CA25, CA39, CA42, CA45, CA48, CA49, and CA50. We also list events targeted at key battleground states where Senatorial races, electoral college delegates, and state house control are close.

orange county map of flipped districts



Search by Event Type, Area or Organizer

You can start your search by Event Type, Area, or Organizer using the drop-down list under “Events” on the main menu. Note that the “Organizers” item is for specific organizers who host large numbers of events; not every organizer is on the page. You can also search by Event Type using the rainbow menu on the front page. See below for a description of Anytime Actions.

Our "Main Calendar" option in the main menu links to a calendar filtered to only show electoral actions. These events will influence election outcomes and include voter registration, canvass, phone bank, text bank, postcard and letter writing. Meetings, fundraisers, and trainings are omitted from the main calendar, but appear by searching  by area or type.


At present, because of the Coronavirus, most events are virtual. All events that take place on a specific date at a scheduled time are listed on the calendar. These usually involve meeting up with other volunteers via Zoom or another alternative. The map pushpin locates the region targeted by an event. If an event has no targeted region like a training, meeting, fundraiser, etc., the map pushpin locates the event organizer.


Anytime Actions

Prefer to take action independently on your own schedule? No problem!

“Anytime Actions” are actions you can take on your own schedule. These aren’t on the calendar but can be found via the Anytime Actions button on the front page. They can also be reached through the drop-down menu on the mail menu under Events They're categorized and searchable by event type and target region.

Some Anytime Actions are available 24/7. Others are included because they offer a wide range of scheduling options.

How do I sign up for events?

SoCal Blue is a "pass thorough" site. Each event page contains a link to an event organizer's web page where you can sign up or get more information.

How do I submit an event?

Anyone can submit an event by clicking the "Submit your Event" link in the main menu. Please read the guidelines if you haven't submitted before. Be sure to include your name and email in the appropriate field so we can contact you with questions, if necessary. If you have questions, inquire at [email protected]


SoCal Blue is an all-volunteer grassroots group. Started in 2017, we focus on uniting Southern California progressive activists and organizers. We work with numerous other resistance organizations, including Swing Left, Field Team 6, Indivisible groups, Civic Sundays, Sister District, California Democratic Party, Westside Democratic HQ, and the Grassroots Democrats HQ. We also have partners in Northern California (NorCal Blue) and the Central Valley (CVCal Blue), and allies throughout the United States.