2,820 Dems to Go

Volunteers with the Democratic Club of Orange County registered 1052 new Democrats last week. This brings Orange County Democrats within 2,820 of surpassing Orange County Republicans in voter registration.

Orange County had long been considered an iconic GOP stronghold, “where Republicans go to die.” No longer. Democrats and Independents have been gaining in the region in recent years. Clinton outpolled Trump in all four OC Congressional swing districts (CA39, CA45, CA48, and CA49) in 2016, igniting the Democratic hopes of flipping House seats there in the 2018 midterms.

Four for Four

Orange County coalitions of grassroots groups and Dem clubs –Action Councils–helped to organize the unprecedented influx of volunteers in all four target districts, contributing to the astonishing OC Congressional clean sweep of 2018. Sustaining volunteer action is essential to holding the new Democratic House seats, which, in the words of Karen Bass (CA37), are “only rented” for the time being.

The push to register new voters by the DPOC, and emergence of new grassroots organizers such as Field Team 6, have demonstrated that activists are determined to keep Orange County Blue. Last week’s total of 1052 newly registered Democrats is evidence that is activist enthusiasm continues to build.

SoCal Wants You

Want to brave the sun and join the registration effort? It will make the difference in 2020. Check out these websites: Democratic Party of Orange County, Field Team 6, and SoCal Blue’s Voter Registration calendar.